*Dancing around singing Keith Urban obnoxiously*




Err......... *Embarrassed*

Welcome back... I guess you’re here for more of my orphanage challenge....

Heh... Yeah...


Same song who knows how many verse, should get better but it just gets worse.

Rabbits have no tails at all tails at all tails... Oh wrong song...


Hey there Ginger, right? I thought about adding your family to my insanity in the very beginning then I thought the tombstone would be more fun... (Note: this was before my poll)

Which of course it was I wouldn’t have gotten Darren :D

Maybe later I’ll add you...


Now that’s what I like seeing!!


Go Raylinn!! You got your job back finally!!


*Flushes points down toilet*

Oh the other thing flushed down the toilet is that whole ‘teach all the kids to do homework’ HA!!

Now they just do the best they can and when they can’t do anymore anyone green finishes off the homework...


The kids keep chanting ‘we need fun. We need fun!’

So I’m GIVING them fun!! Now hopefully this will work! Gah!! Thank goodness Teens can do children’s homework!!


I didn’t know teens could play on this thing too!!!



Studying for the point for work!


Typical clogging of the bus.

It takes almost the full hour just to get everyone on the bus! Not even kidding!!

This one was a bad one though four Sims missed school sending two kids into aspiration failure...


There we go! Now we get another promotion since the bookcase and the marry go round took us down to 48 bucks.


Wait... What was that about 48 bucks?

Well me and my BRILLIANCE on chance cards lost all of it. AND Merlin? Merlin lost sports enthusiasm.



Note to those trying this in the future... MAKE THE FIRST ROOM BIG!!! If you don’t they’ll cause this problem here. *Sigh*


Oh and who made YOU judge?? Get out of my house.


And if you're ever an orphan you can't come here. The Newman's can. You can't.


Oh not again!!! Who now??


Tiffany: “How’s that for girl power??”

We won’t mess with you Tiffany I promise.


Grant grows up!! But he’s in the red and I can’t get any of them to get aspiration points...


Yup... Red.... But he’s a knowledge.

And... That hair... I know it has to be downloaded but... Why did I download that?


Next is Mitch who is still upset over getting beat up by Tiffany.

Yet smiling about it... Err... That's the spirit.... Mitch...


Red... *Sigh* Money.

And Andrea is airborne!




Adorable!! She’s so cute!


Alright one more birthday... Andrea is teaching Hayden to sing a nursery rhyme so he’s platinum when he grows up!


Errr... Who is who? Well besides Darren... I know Darren... But.... Who is Jack and who is Mitch?


Okay we got the aspiration points! As can be seen by the bright neon plumbob!


Oh my gosh! Hayden is still my favorite... He’s cute!!


Okay you can’t see it too well but it’s the pest pict I could get... That smoke you can kinda see? (It helps if you hold your computer at a 45degree angle and tilt your head in an 90 degree angle the other way) Yeah it’s coming out of Cherry’s head.... I think I’ve had her do too much homework....

Cherry: “It’s your fault!! You send me for all that homework!!”

Okay... Okay sorry Cherry... No need to snap.


Cherry: “You feel that smoke?! It hot?! Yeah!”

Okay Cherry... Calm down Cherry... Breathe Cherry.... I'm sorry about the homework no need to take it out on Angie!


Yup we’re still sick over here. *Sigh*

Jenni I know you say YOU have the flu epidemic of '09 but I beg to differ. I've had it for almost two Sim weeks!!


Oh no...

Darren: “It wasn’t me this time!!”

I can see that...


Mitch?! Roberto?! Geez you guys!!!

Darren: “I can’t watch!! Maaaaic hat fix it!!!”

I doubt it can do that...


I am so glad I don’t loose points for fights....


Enemies... *Sigh*


Wow Roberto... Tell us how you REALLY feel.


We had our first snowfall around here...

What’s going on with Tiffany... Oh no... Maybe Darren’s hat really IS Maaaaaagic....

*Shifty eyes*

We’re sorry we made fun of the hat Darren!!! *Makes sure she is still firmly on the ground*


Cherry: “Yeah that’s right! The steam hurts like that! That hurts doesn’t it??”

I’m not quite sure what’s going on with Cherry any more... Cherry put Trent down! Leave him alone!

Cherry: "You want some of this smoke?!?!"

Not really.

Cherry: "Then go away and leave this."

Okay. *Meep*


Don’t you love things like this? We’re in an orphanage and his relatives are happy... Errr....


Hey Ginger she comes home with my kids constantly... And according to the poll I’m adding you on Monday! YAY!!

Though I doubt you'll be smiling like that for long... Not after you come in here... Especially with Cherry...


I’m sorry you hate the door Jack. But TWO front doors is VERY needed when people like YOU clog the first one with homework!!

Darren... What’re you doing?

Darren: “The maaaaagic hat has cursed Cherry with smoke!”

It was him... Oh dear... It is magic... Or... Maaaaaaagic...


Tiffany down!!


And another fight around here.

Darren: “She insulted the Maaaagic hat!! I cursed her!”



How odd... As today is day 13....... They should have like... What? Five? Not seven...

Well... This is... Interesting.... I get to deal with teens longer... Yippie. I’m so excited. Can you feel my excitement?


Wow... What’s wrong with Sophie guys? Everyone is beating the poor girl up!!


Cherry: “Do you think it’s easy to have smoke coming out of your head??”

But Cherry... You don’t have smoke coming out of your head...


Cherry: “Oh!!”

....................................I am now officially scared.


JUST what this house needs... More enemies!!

And with that this is where I leave you. Cuz I have a midterm to take....

See y’all on the flip side!!

Beginning Total: 360

+ 20 Hayden; Platinum grow up

-15 Grant; Pass out
-15 Mitch; Pass out
-15 Tiffany; Pass out

Total: 335


  1. ruby on February 27, 2009 at 9:50 AM

    I still dont know how you manage with all those kids. it would drive me bonkers... especially if one of them has the maaaaaaaagic hat!
    lol that kid cracks me up.

  2. CarlaluvsSims on February 27, 2009 at 10:07 AM

    I love really this blog! The kids are so funny. I wouldn't even attempt to do this challenge, I'd have an ulcer over a game!

  3. Anonymous on February 27, 2009 at 11:28 AM

    I'm both tempted and scared to try this...but reading you has been entertaining!

  4. TalimsSister on September 10, 2009 at 11:35 AM

    Hello, I would like to say that I LOVE your challenge and you are HILARIOUS. And I like caps, hehe. I am doing a medieval version of it, and I am wondering what advice you have for me? Everyone IS now thematically dressed...but now they all have to go pee and all the kids want to be friends with ppl who in turn want friendships with other people....it's a mess. What do you think I should do?