Welcome back!


This was my welcome back gift. *Sigh* I’ve lost count.


Oh boy Cherry lost she won’t get over THAT one easy...


Told ya so.


Two fights at once?!?!


Oh... No... Just one and Sophie stealing the paper.

And guess what.


Yup. This came from me trying to FIX their relationship.

So much for that eh?

I give up. Let them all fight. Let them ALL STINKIN HATE EACH OTHER! GAH!


Ahh the line starts. Huge line...




Thank goodness!!! I need the money!!


No. Way. Never. Gonna. Happen. Michael! Well it might. We have a phone. And you just HAD to bring HER home didn’t you?


Thanks Lucy. I didn’t need those points anyway did I??


Though Darren is getting quite good at the piano, the others enjoy giving him every last penny we have in his tip jar. At least we get it back.


Ahh... Conflicts. Get used to it Trent.

I might make you a grilled cheese sim here soon if you don’t stop hart farting over every other girl IN THE HOUSE!

Or maybe I’ll just stick Cherry on you haha.

Trent: “Not Cherry!!!”

Then shape up!


Told you the piano was a good idea!!!


Hey *Cough* Nikki. Whatcha *Cough* doing?

Nikki: “Doing the homework *Cough* YOU made me do!!!”

Oh... Sorry... They’ll stop fighting soon.


Y’know if you two weren’t so dead set on hating each other you’d make a cute couple! I mean look you have the same NOSES!!

Go apologize Grant!

*Sniffle* My little Grant... All grown up... It was just like yesterday that I spawned him as a toddler... I need a tissue.


No... Not you three going to teendom too!! *Bawling* You were my spawned babies!!


I was tired of the before after pict with each sim so I did these three at once... I didn’t expect the hilarious outcome I got.

Please enjoy this picture montage to my extreme laughter.






Synchronized growing up... *Giggling hard*

Okay as for the actual Sims themselves

Michael – Gold – Romance – A+

George – Gold – Pleasure – A+

Chris – Gold – Popularity – A+

So over all HUGE points bonus!


Oh that’s REAL appetizing Andrea. Everyone run and get some soup.

Oddly enough no one else really is eating any of that bowl... Except Darren... Which... Yeah...............

The others are eating the first bowl of food...


Who says I’m not amazing at this game?!?! Grant and Angie don’t hate each other as bad! They can now water balloon fight!! So long as I REEEAAAALLLYYY watch them they stay above the negatives on the top bar....

I don’t get why everyone hates each others guts so bad... I’ve NEVER had this problem before!!

But we’ll make it... Jack is the real problem maker...

He goes wwaaaaaaay down hill with like... Everyone. He’s enemies with FOUR separate Sims. I’m not even worrying about him. He can hate my Sims.


*Sigh* Darren...

Darren: “The Maaaaagic hat went boom!!!”

You put the hat in the stove?!?!


Darren: “My maaaagic hat can’t burn!”

It will if you put it in the stove!!


Darren: “My hat is bright!!”

He seriously burned the hat??


Monday! I don’t know why I’m excited for this... I am probably gonna regret this here very soon. Lol!


Child number one is added Gabriella


Number two; Ginger. Finally you’re really part of the family Ging!


Child number three, Galvin I’m thinking, I spelled that right at least...






And finally Gallagher, what’s with the G names?

So not that terribly bad, right? Lol!

Well this is where I leave you, I know short update but hey...

Beginning Total: 335


+ 15 Raylinn; Promotion
+10 Michael; Golden grow up
+10 George; Golden grow up
+10 Chris; Golden grow up
+10 Michael; A+ grow up
+10 George; A+ grow up
+10 Chris; A+ grow up
+100 Gabriella; Spawned
+100 Ginger; Spawned
+100 Galvin; Spawned
+100 Georgia; Spawned
+100 Garrett; Spawned
+100 Gallagher; Spawned


-10 Lucy; Fire
-10 Darren; Fire

Total: 990

I fully agree that adding the Newman’s was a good idea point wise :D


See y’all later!


  1. CarlaluvsSims on March 1, 2009 at 4:11 PM

    Synchronized growing up! 3 of them! I've seen Sims do things in pairs before, but not 3! The line to the bus is hysterical too! Great update!

  2. ruby on March 2, 2009 at 7:10 AM

    the synchronized growing up was too fun
    your doing great on this challenge! how much longer do you have to go?

  3. sims2fan08/tacy00p on March 2, 2009 at 7:17 AM

    LOL Great update! Foot soup, yum...

  4. Sarah on March 2, 2009 at 7:17 AM

    hahaha cherry and darren have ISSUES. but there entertaining :D
    Love this blog. It's hilarious and almost makes me want to try it...haha and then i see sims like cherry with the smoke coming out of her head and i rethink that idea. :D

  5. Anonymous on March 11, 2009 at 8:01 AM

    Wow, that line to the school bus was something else!

    And I haven't seen that synchronized age transition before- it's pretty cool.

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